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Recovery and Renovation

Infrastructure renovation, modernization and construction, always seeking to minimize the impact of these interventions on populations and social and economic activities affected, ensuring the continuity and operation of these systems.

Recovery and Installation of New Pipelines without the Opening of Ditches

In 2002, Manvia joined Ludwig Pfeiffer, a company based in Germany, in a partnership aimed at establishing a company specialized in preventive and corrective maintenance for underground infrastructure without the need to dig trenches.

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It was a pioneering strategic alliance in Portuguese territory, where a growth in demand for these services was expected by the authorities that manage municipal and multi-municipal water and sanitation systems.

Over the years, water and sanitation pipelines and distribution infrastructure have been subject to considerable wear and tear, the partnership between Manvia and Pfeiffer aimed to inspect, recover, renew and install new underground pipelines, always using processes without digging trenches.

Public pressure against the inconvenience resulting from the traditional processes of digging trenches, along with cost-saving measures and shorter execution times, were the driving force behind this ambitious project.

We have been pioneers in this type of project, where we have grown and become a leading name in the field for designers and contracting entities for the last 20 years.