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Specialized Jobs

Specialised technical services for Installation and Maintenance, using highly qualified technical staff and action extended from northern to southern Portugal.

Fire Safety in Buildings (SCIE)

Installation, maintenance and TRSCIE services - Technician in Charge (ANEPC registration 396)

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Compliance with Ordinance no. 11832/ 2021 of 30 November, Ordinance no. 135/2020 of 2 June and Ordinance no. 208/2020 of 1 September:

Security Systems

Maintenance Services (former registration DNPSP 197)

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According to Law no. 46/2019, of 08 July

AC Systems

Installation and Maintenance Services, including equipment containing fluorinated greenhouse gases (FGG) (CERTIF certificate No. SAC-088/2014)

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Medium and Low Voltage MV/LV

Installation and Maintenance (DGEG registration EI-679) and TREIE Services (Technician in Charge)

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Programmed Maintenance

Asset condition monitoring services

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Electric Mobility and Photovoltaic Power Stations

Installation and maintenance services

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