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Water Efficiency

Solutions for better use of water, aiming at water certification and the promotion of public health, namely in the prevention and control of Legionella.

Water Certification

Water consultancy in buildings and issuance of AQUA+ Water Certificates

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Simple, agile and voluntary, AQUA+ allows you to classify, value and improve buildings.

AQUA+ is available for residential properties (AQUA+ Residencial) and for tourist resorts and local accommodations (AQUA+ Hotels). Soon it will be extended to stores and services.

The AQUA+ rating determines and reports the water performance of buildings on a scale from F (least efficient) to A+ (most efficient).

The level of efficiency in water use is assessed by companies and chartered auditors who also identify improvement measures.

Legionella Prevention and Control Plan

Risk assessment and development of prevention and control measures

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Law No. 52/2018 of August 20*

* Establishes the regime for Legionella prevention and control, defining procedures for the use and maintenance of water networks, systems and equipment conducive to the proliferation and dissemination of Legionella. It stipulates the bases and conditions for the creation of a strategy for primary prevention and control of the Legionella bacteria in all buildings and establishments accessible to the public, regardless of being public or private companies.