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Supplier Evaluation

At Mota-Engil ATIV, we monitor the performance of our suppliers who, as part of our operations, have a direct impact on the quality of our services. The Supplier evaluation program includes specific criteria for the Supply of Materials and Service Rendering, as well as for the respective classification of suppliers according to the evaluation results. Deviations and opportunities for improvement are flagged and addressed.

Supply of Materials

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Service Rendering

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The assessment is carried out for each purchase and ratings are determined annually, weighting the results of all supplier evalution processes.

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The annual results are consolidated as follows:

Evaluation result (0 to 100%)
Level A
Rating > 75% – (Good)
Level B
Rating between 50% and 75% – Under observation
Level C
Rating < 50% – To be excluded in case of no evidence of improvement in the short term