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Inaugurated Moura river beach executed by Mota-Engil ATIV

Alentejo has a new river beach: Praia do Lago. Under the responsibility of Mota-Engil ATIV, this recreational and leisure space is located near the Alqueva Dam crest and is an integral part of the Moura Nautical Station, which also includes a motorhome park.

With a vast sandy area, two floating pools—one for adults, with a depth of 1.60 meters, and another for children, with a depth of 0.60 meters—connected by a walkway, the new facility will be enlivened by activities throughout the year.

This project by Mota-Engil ATIV combined landscaping and construction expertise, including irrigation works, planting and seeding, as well as earthmoving, electrical infrastructure, lighting, irrigation network, and support buildings for the beach.

With a valuable natural and cultural heritage and offering ideal conditions for various water activities, the Moura Nautical Station is a project coordinated by the Moura City Council and developed in partnership with the Alqueva Development and Infrastructure Company (EDIA).

At the inauguration, the Secretary of State for Tourism, Pedro Machado, the presidents of EDIA, José Pedro Salema, and the Moura City Council, Álvaro Azedo, as well as other public and private entities, were present.

“It is a project that is not yet finished and in which we will continue adding new investments to consolidate the infrastructure,” emphasized the president of the Municipality of Moura, Álvaro Azedo. He added that it will “diversify the tourist offerings in the municipality of Moura and redevelop the surrounding area of the Alqueva dam, promoting the economic, social, and cultural development of the region.”

Another challenge for Mota-Engil ATIV, which contributes to a richer, more touristic, and diversified Alentejo.