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Carbon Management Highlighted in ATIV Thematic Month

After Water, Conducts and Landscaping, May was dedicated to CARBON MANAGEMENT, showcasing the areas that make up the department: Energy and Carbon, Agriculture, Forestry and Biodiversity, and BCircle.

This internal initiative by ATIV places special emphasis on the different areas of its business, with the main objective of knowledge transfer and promoting information sharing. It is intended to be inclusive of all employees and the various divisions of the organization.

Through lively and interactive dynamics, ATIV’s “youngest” business area was introduced over two intense and well-attended mornings, both in Alverca and Modivas. During these sessions, participants had the opportunity to learn about the activities developed in Carbon Management, as well as meet the teams and projects.

This area primarily emerged to combat climate change by taking a holistic approach to the entire emissions lifecycle of clients: from quantifying their environmental footprint to implementing measures for water, energy, and carbon efficiency, and finally, offering compensation solutions.

The event also featured the participation of partners involved in various projects related to Afforestation, Reforestation, Conservation, and Biodiversity, including Cervas (Center for Ecology, Wildlife Recovery, and Surveillance), the company TerraFarmers, and ISA (Higher Institute of Agronomy).

In Alverca, Fernando Ramos, COO of ATIV, once again praised the initiative, congratulating the department team for the work they have been doing in an area “where almost everything is new, but with great dedication.”

“We have been closely monitoring and engaging on the ground, and we are very excited and eager for what is to come.” Today, we believe that the investment made in this business area is a winning one,” he added.

At the session in Modivas, CEO Augusto Junqueiro emphasized the “qualitative approach that presents us with a different dimension and makes us think more about strategy, future, and sustainability. It is fundamental; it gives us ideas, challenges us, and makes us aspire for more.

The events concluded with the traditional standing meal, which further encouraged socializing, sharing, and team spirit.

We all got to know this activity better, which, while not the only solution for the planet, will certainly be an important tool in building a prosperous future for the next generations!

Here’s how it went: