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World Environment Day

With a view to minimizing the environmental impacts of our activity, ATIV has been promoting increasing environmental awareness.

Celebrated on June 5, World Environment Day aims to raise awareness of the need to protect the planet, being associated with the promotion of a set of environmental actions.

It’s another day to reflect/decide what to do to take care of what’s left of our Planet. With every step, we are alerted that even the smallest actions can make a big difference in protecting against climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, food security, water supply, and subsistence.

Small changes in our daily life can have a huge impact.

We must act today, because tomorrow will surely be too late.

With a view to minimizing the environmental impacts of our activity, ATIV has been promoting increasing environmental awareness and has been betting on the monitoring and control of atmospheric emissions, on the optimization and monitoring of energy consumption (fleet and equipment), on the use of electric vehicles and on the optimization of energy management of facilities aiming to reduce consumption

Our responsibility also involves developing solutions with our Customers and Partners that allow them to reduce their environmental footprint.

We have been carrying out reforestation projects in areas affected by biotic and abiotic agents or by catastrophic events, unproductive land, and abandoned land.

We plan to plant over 800,000 trees and shrubs, distributed across more than 20 native species, which will correspond to the recovery of over 1,000 hectares of forest area.

Regarding water efficiency, we remain committed to water loss reduction solutions in the supply chain and utilizing technologies that allow us to minimize the water footprint associated with urban and sports green spaces, with water savings that can exceed 50%.

Seizing this moment, we highlight the wonders of our planet and remind everyone that only a commitment to its protection will keep it safe and healthy!

Commitment to the Environment

ATIV has made its purpose a commitment to the Environment We take great pride in the path we have taken to materialize it Starting with the forests we planted, through the emissions we avoided in the asset management of our clients, and ending with the innovation we have implemented in water efficiency, we are certain of the value of our commitment.

Augusto Junqueiro, CEO