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Maintenance of the sports field at Alverca Football Club

Since 2020, Mota-Engil ATIV has been responsible for the maintenance of the sports field at Alverca Football Club.

The work includes mowing, field marking, turf recovery after use, plate replacement, reseeding, sand spreading, surface aeration, scarification, aeration/puncturing, decompaction, fertilization, fertilizing, pest and disease control, phytosanitary treatments, rolling, general cleaning, and irrigation system maintenance.

In addition to routine maintenance work, during the sports off-season, deeper aeration/decompression work is carried out, specifically using Verti-Drain, to ensure that the turf has better playability conditions. Throughout the year, various Dryject operations are also carried out for soil aeration and decompaction.

High quality turf is essential to protect the physical integrity and improve athletes’ performance, but also for visual presentation.

Mota-Engil ATIV operates in the field of construction and maintenance of sports turf and currently manages over 200 football fields and more than 250 hectares of sports turf.