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ATIV | Thematic Month on Landscaping in Modivas and Alverca

This is an internal initiative of ATIV, which pays special attention to the different areas of its business, aiming to transmit knowledge and promote information sharing, spanning all employees and the various divisions of the organization.

As part of the activities of the Thematic Month, April is dedicated to LANDSCAPING, highlighting four areas: Green Spaces, Forest, Infrastructure, and Sports Turf.

This is an internal initiative by ATIV, which pays special attention to the different areas of its business. Its objective is to transmit knowledge and promote information sharing, being transversal to all employees and various divisions of the organization

As part of the month’s activities, sessions were held on April 5 and 23 in Modivas and Alverca, respectively. These sessions were led by the respective Business Area Management and Division Directors and gathered around 50 employees from various areas in each office. They attended presentations on landscaping activities, major challenges, teams, and contracts.

Fernando Ramos, COO da ATIV, praised the initiative, which started in March and will continue to be replicated, emphasizing the importance of knowledge transfer, especially to colleagues from other areas.

“The main goal is to make ourselves known, to showcase what we do, where we are, and our areas of operation, in a dynamic that is primarily aimed at those working in other domains,” emphasized the COO of ATIV.

“The landscaping area is one of the company’s flagship areas and has experienced significant growth on several levels: not only have we expanded our construction capacity boldly, but we have also reduced costs and increased profitability,” added Fernando Ramos.

The meetings also featured the management team from VBT Angola, who presented the most relevant projects in their respective region, and the Knowledge Management Directorate team, who shared accident indicators with all participants.

In this regard, Fernando Ramos revealed that the company remains focused on this issue, emphasizing that, “in a business area with 230 employees, of which about 200 are field workers in various risk conditions, they bring to the organization the challenge of safety and a very special concern about these issues.”

The moment in the room was closed with the presentation of the Management Site Visits program, followed by a practical demonstration of landscaping activities and equipment.

We all came to better understand this activity, which contributes to sustainable development and the quality of life for users of the spaces we design, build, or maintain!

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