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Urban Redevelopment in Vendas Novas

Mota-Engil ATIV was responsible for the urban redevelopment project of Avenida Marechal Craveiro Lopes and the surrounding areas in the municipality of Vendas Novas.

The works involved earthworks, demolitions, construction of new pavements, water distribution network, irrigation network, public lighting, road signage, planting, and street furniture.

In defining the urban structure of the roadway, a functional, comfortable, shaded, and inclusive urban design was chosen. In this regard, the layout of the cycle path, the pedestrian walkway, technical strips and rough strips, tactile marking of pedestrian crossings, and car parking areas were defined at the level of road traffic, distinguishing parking for restricted/reduced mobility.

Another important aspect was to equip the public space with essential urban furniture, including trash bins, bicycle parking, benches, bollards/dissuaders, dispensers for animal waste bags, among others.

A primary objective of the execution project was also to return and engage the local community in sports activities, a characteristic that has been strongly emphasized and upheld over the years. To achieve this, at the existing Sports Field, which consists of the main football field and athletic tracks, the previously existing opaque fencing was removed and replaced with mesh fencing and gates around the entire perimeter. This demystified the idea that it is a restricted area, thereby contributing to greater public access.

With these interventions, it was possible to create better conditions for vehicular and pedestrian traffic, reorganize parking areas, and return the space for urban enjoyment.

It is also worth noting that this area was previously neglected and without any noteworthy activity. As a result of this intervention, it now stands as the main attraction for leisure activities in the municipality. Mota-Engil ATIV is thus associated with yet another significant urban reconfiguration project.