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ATIV at ES Talks by LUMO

With the aim of promoting debate on current issues such as Carbon Footprint, Energy Transition and Social Responsibility, the event, which took place at Aveiro Expo, was marked by the sharing of experiences and knowledge in the environmental and social fields.

Mota-Engil ATIV took part in the first sustainability event organised by LUMO, a business consultancy company focused on managing client projects in the areas of innovation, internationalisation, marketing, and R&D.

Sharing its commitment, endeavour and responsibility towards environmental and social sustainability issues, Mota-Engil ATIV did not hesitate to be one of the partners of the event that presented the best of what is being done in Industry and Universities in this area.

Regarding the most important challenge of this century, the Energy Transition, Augusto Junqueiro, CEO of Mota-Engil ATIV, emphasised that it is an issue that is gradually taking on an ever-greater role.

“As a maintenance company, we realise that we can influence our clients’ consumption and this reality has led us to reflect internally on focusing on the life cycle of our clients’ assets, analysing three areas: water, energy/carbon and waste.”

Augusto Junqueiro added: “With a view to environmental and economic efficiency, ATIV seeks to add value to the client’s activity in these three areas. With this mindset we endeavour to offer services that contribute to sustainability.”

Sustainability is a priority commitment for organisations. Transposing this commitment to the generation of value from physical assets and considering the goals of carbon neutrality by 2050, greater pressure is placed on the efficient management of the life cycle of assets.