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Rehabilitation of culverts on the A25 and A8

Using the continuous jacketing process, Mota-Engil ATIV has carried out rehabilitation work on several hydraulic passages (PH) on the freeways (A25 and A8).

Mota-Engil ATIV was responsible for the rehabilitation of 5 culverts with diameters of 800mm and 1200mm through the continuous jacketing process, on the freeway linking Aveiro to Vilar Formoso, A25 (Ascendi) and 6 culverts with diameters of 1000mm and 1500mm on the motorway linking Loures to Leiria, A8 (Autoestradas do Atlântico).

On the A25, the work also included repairing the manholes and laying rockfill to improve the conditions for internal drainage and drainage of the water lines downstream.

The work was carried out in several locations along the entire length of the road, which required the relocation of all the resources involved in each of the rehabilitations, thus making the whole process more complex.

On the A8, due to the location and geomorphology of the surrounding terrain (large slopes), the culverts were designed with different levels inside in order to overcome the different levels and keep the flow as regular as possible.

As a result, the rehabilitation process had to be individually adjusted to each of the situations within each of the levels, making the technical and safety process much more challenging and demanding.