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Rehabilitation and restoration of the Meia Praia dune system

Mota-Engil ATIV was responsible for the rehabilitation and restoration of the Meia Praia dune system in Lagos, which included the construction of a wooden walkway, about four kilometres long, along the entire beach.

Dune recovery, to be promoted through the conditioning and disciplining of pedestrian access to Meia Praia, was aimed at strengthening coastal protection, conserving the coastline and the safety of the population itself.

The work itself included, among other things, clearing and removing invasive plant species, building a system of raised walkways, laying palisades to discourage trampling and promote dune fixation, installing street furniture and support structures, as well as vertical signage and information supports with the aim of “educating” about ecology and the enhancement of the dune landscape.

For Mota-Engil ATIV, this was another interesting project in terms of revitalising spaces and, at the same time, promoting their usefulness and quality of life for the local community.