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Trial with SAP and Growth Hormones assesses Carbon rescue

As part of the Carbon projects, the areas of Large Projects and Agriculture and Sustainability, started a trial to validate the effectiveness of SAP associated with Growth Hormones.

The study with 40 potted trees of various species intends to verify if these Plant Hormones allied to the effect of SAP, promote a greater growth of the trees, reducing their senescence (aging of the organism’s tissues) and accelerating their growth, in order to have plants that promote a greater carbon rescue.

The trial consists of 20 control plants, which were potted with compost alone, with Bioroot added to ensure good rooting, and another 20, potted with SAP hydrated in water, with Auxins and Cytokinins added, both plant growth hormones.

Cytokinins are produced in the roots and transported by the xylem (plant tissue that constitutes wood) to all parts of the plants and promote apical growth, while delaying the aging of the plants. In addition, associated with Auxins they promote cell division in plants.

Auxins are fundamental in tree stem development and are naturally produced by the meristem cells in the bud and stem.

The trial is being developed in the outdoor space of the Alverca Warehouses.