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Presentation of the book “Corporate Love” at Mota-Engil ATIV

After the launch in bookstores in January, the author Alexandra Lemos, CEO of Premium Coaching, was invited by the management to present the book “Corporate Love”, at the premises of Mota-Engil ATIV, in Alverca.

The coaching specialist has been working for over twenty years with organizations from different national and international business sectors, having already collaborated on several occasions with Mota-Engil ATIV.

Based on 55 symptoms of unlove reported by over ten thousand professionals from Portuguese companies, Alexandra Lemos shares techniques on how to improve professional relationships and discover purpose and passion at work, in a work where corporate love is presented as a differentiating element in enhancing interpersonal connections in the work context and happiness in organizations.

Subtitled “How to Improve Professional Relationships and Discover Purpose and Passion at Work,” the model presented in the book suggests four steps, with an impact on productivity and personal and professional effectiveness, for the activation of self-love and love for others: actively listen, to understand; observe, to clarify behavior; validate, to activate conscious choices; and energize, to inspire and raise the sense of individual and collective purpose.

Alexandra Lemos couldn’t have been more pleased with this invitation, which made her come to the genesis of the book, “in that the target audience is people who are active and it was great to spread the message to interesting people potentially interested in this theme.

“Corporate Love because it talks about empathy, respect, the ability to make points of connection with each other, in order to activate effective communication of excellence,” explains Alexandra Lemos, adding that Corporate Love “brings this dimension of actively listening to the other, observing behaviors and not just staying at the level of concepts, but knowing how to work the practicality of the relationship and working together in win-win partnerships. win-win.

The author believes that, in essence, it is about transforming an environment where we spend much of our day, “into a place that can be exciting and motivating to activate our strength of commitment, our strength of action and that allows us to be an active part of the company’s sustainability, not only in terms of growth and maintenance of good practices, but also to establish a platform for the future. For Alexandra Lemos this meeting was the first moment where she jumped onto a corporate stage with a team that is all part of the same organization and revealed interesting feedback.i “My expectation is that people read, enjoy and above all apply what makes sense to each one in their practice and that it is useful in their daily lives.