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Dryject Technology at the XXI Congress of the Portuguese Greenkeepers Association

Mota-Engil ATIV was present as a speaker at the XXI Congress of the Portuguese Greenkeepers Association, which took place 2 and 3 November, at Solverde SPA & Welness Center in Espinho.

As one of the companies with a strong presence in the golf market, in terms of construction, maintenance and requalification, Mota-Engil ATIV shared the Dryject and Dryject+SAP technology, with solutions to optimize maintenance operations and their reconciliation in reducing water consumption in irrigation for lawns (golf, sports or framing courses).

DryJect technology allows aeration of the soil in a single pass by creating aeration channels with high pressure water which simultaneously allows sand, additives or correctives to be injected, with the advantage of the lawn being suitable for sporting practice after the operation, which optimises the profitability of the course. On the other hand, it allows the introduction of other components such as SAP (potassium polyacrylates) which are essential for the efficient management of water resources.

At Mota-Engil ATIV, Water Efficiency is one of the pillars for Sustainability and one of the strategic vectors, reinforcing awareness and contributing with effective solutions for saving water.

Golf is an activity with great relevance in the national economy, which still presents some vulnerabilities, such as water consumption and the use of fertilizers and phytopharmaceuticals.

To overcome this reality, the use of technologies that promote the efficiency of water application and the reduction of diffuse pollution is essential.

In this sense, Mota-Engil ATIV believes that the Dryject+SAP technology is an asset for golf courses, since it can be considered essential for the maintenance of high quality lawns with low water consumption, contributing to the reduction of the Water and Environmental Footprint.

Currently, there are numerous applications of Dryject technology in several golf courses from north to south in Portugal and Spain with proven results in both improvement and quality of lawns.

With the Dryject+SAP technology, there are already several applications with very positive results that translate into a significant reduction of water needs, since the use of Dryject+SAP significantly changes the water storage capacity, reducing the amount and timing of irrigation.