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New ways of working highlighted at APFM Meetings

Inserted in the 16th APFM Conference and sponsored by Mota-Engil ATIV, the second event was held on 26 October, dedicated to “Workplace: “On/Off: Wellbeing and Efficiency in Hybrid and Remote Models”.

In this conference, which took place at the NOS Cinema in Colombo Shopping Centre, it was discussed how to ensure wellbeing and productivity in these two work models and what role FM can play as a facilitating agent to provide productive and wellbeing experiences to employees in a work context “from-anywhere”.

Driven by the pandemic, the Hybrid and Remote models have “forced” a greater organization of work, greater flexibility and profound alteration of what are the boundaries of the workspace, being that currently “In most cases work is an activity and not a place!”

It was with this premise that in an exchange of experiences and diversified and enriching realities, several APFM partner companies shared their vision and practices, and it is clear that this is the path to follow, and Mota-Engil ATIV will be no exception.

The company chose Alverca Park as its new headquarters. A change that was developed and designed with the contribution and participation of employees, the future occupants of the space. With an associated feeling of Wellbeing, it is intended that the new workspace be more efficient, functional, and collaborative, reflecting the values of the new Mota-Engil ATIV organisation.

With new ways and purpose of working, with lifestyles that involve a personal/professional/family/social mix and an access and potential of technology, the focus must increasingly center on people and their experiences.

In this sense, it is important today in the face of a ‘new normal’ to understand how to keep teams productive and individuals satisfied with their experience, regardless of where they work, by providing information to all participants while being able to communicate effectively that these measures are for everyone’s benefit.

These are the challenges for a new era that the Portuguese Association of Facility Management (APFM) wanted to discuss in what is the largest national event of Facility Management and in which Mota-Engil ATIV is a proud partner. The third moment of the 16th APFM Days will take place on 23 November, at NOS Cinemas at Norteshopping, in what will be the first initiative of the Association outside Greater Lisbon and will be dedicated to Technology. Mota-Engil ATIV will once again sponsor the event.