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Asset and Maintenance Management Platforms

Asset Managers and Maintenance Technicians know and recognize the intrinsic value of maintenance management platforms.

Asset records, work orders and reports, that used to require printing reams of paper, are now replaced by integral and immediate information, in the palm of your hand. Either on a Tablet or on a Smartphone.

There is Software on the market, some developed for general commercialization, examples of which are: Infraspeak, Glose, Valuekeep, Maximo or Software developed by the owners of the assets, as is the case of SIGMA, developed by Parque Escolar.

Having a common work base, they include asset registration; elaboration of inspection points and maintenance procedures serving as support to the implementation of maintenance plans with well defined time bases; issuing of preventive work orders; recording of corrective work orders and improvements allowing the creation of a database and history, and the possibility of issuing reports that can show the owners, asset managers and audit entities, the panorama of the maintenance services, the state of the assets, as well as the control of legal obligations.

Regardless of the platform chosen, its careful use allows, in the final analysis, a set of economic and environmental benefits that largely justify investments in software, sensing, meter installation – what cannot be measured, cannot be controlled – and finally, in maintenance services specialized and competent in the use and effective application of the most advanced technologies and recognized practical value.

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