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Operation of the control and command room at the Trafaria Port Terminal

Mota-Engil ATIV began a new contract with SILOPOR, the main Portuguese port company for unloading and storage of solid and food bulk cargo.

The objective of this service provision is to support the management of the operation of the control and command room at the Trafaria Port Terminal.

Designed to receive bulk agri-foodstuffs in transhipment operations and unloading operations from ocean-going vessels whose products are stored and shipped either by road or waterway, the Trafaria terminal has a storage capacity of 200 thousand tons and is prepared to ship by road up to 10 thousand tons of various products per day.

All unloaded products are forwarded, through a vast network of conveyor belts, to electronic scales, and then taken to storage silos, or to specific shipping areas by sea or road.

All the equipment that allows the strict control of this flow, not only of the product, but also of the entire logistics network inherent to the process, is composed of numerous mechanical and electrical equipments, sensors, valves and automatons, which are managed and controlled in the control room.

This service provision falls within the scope of logistics management and coordination, information recording and equipment control, which enable the dynamics and correct functioning of the company, thus making it a real challenge, which Mota-Engil ATIV assumes with pleasure and sense of responsibility.