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Green Spaces Maintenance at Volkswagen AutoEuropa

Mota-Engil ATIV, through its Landscaping department, will ensure the Maintenance of Green Spaces at Volkswagen AutoEuropa.

A brand of trust and excellence in the landscaping market, with specialized action in the planning, construction, and maintenance of green spaces, it guarantees the control and quality of service required by the Customer.

With the clear goal of contributing to maintaining and improving the quality of AutoEuropa’s green spaces and thus boosting the quality of life of its workers, ATIV is in charge of cleaning the spaces and combating weeds, maintaining lawns, herbaceous plants and trees, palm trees and shrubs, with particular focus on the irrigation system.

In addition to the maintenance, weeding, and general cleaning of paved areas, paths, gravel and gravel pits, and other structures, the maintenance of flower beds will be guaranteed.

Supported by interdisciplinary solutions that combine the enhancement of the territory, sustainable development, and quality of life for users of the spaces it designs, builds, and maintains, Mota-Engil ATIV embraces a new challenging contract.